Sonntag, 11. September 2016

The Day of Harvest

Location: Oceania Island: SL- Heurika
Scene: Tylar's Treasures:  Harvest Romance, adult ~ with
2 slow Dances, 8 Couples cuddles and 10 Couples intimate Animations: @ Swank
In the Backround ~ The Sunflowers: Botanical //  Field of Grass:  Hayabusa Design
Tree in Background: Autumn Oak Trees with Maroccan Lamps: @ Perfect10
Backyard Drive-In - Truck Mint A:[Con.] // Puppy Love Piknic Rug:  {QP}
Dolome Designs Garden Light String w/Fireflies @ Swank
  Garden hose, Adult with  24 single, 20 couple Animations & 24 adult couples: .:revival:.
For Sale: Fall decor 2 - Barrel of Fun, corn ~ with 4 funny single Animations: tms
Autumn blessings Corgis with & without Snackbox  // Mums Basket and Kitty: tms
The Pets: Kitten Collection & Chester the Goat: JIAN

♥♥♥ Thanks to my Sponsors ♥♥♥ 


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