Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016


 Pose: Mixed Emotions Nr.2:
// Windlight Nacon's Dawn

Nannja's Style
Head:  Meshhead Alice V4.9: CATWA // Mesh Body Lara: Maitreya
Hair: Sakura,pearl white - GroupGift in all Colors: *ARGRACE*  Triumph Eyes - Slate:  IKON // Steking Ears V5:  [Mandala]
Skin:    Layla, Tan available in 6 Skintones,Catwa Head Applier & Maitreya Applier:  .::WOW::. 
Nails: Maori Maitreya Nails Applier:  Yasum

Outfit & Accessoires
 Martina Outfit Gray, available in 5 Colors:  JUMO
Chloe heels with Colorhud:  Phedora
Jewels:   Princess Diamond Collection - Diamond/Steel (Earrings,Bracelet and Necklace): Zuri Jewelry

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Montag, 30. Mai 2016


Pose:  Purrfect Pose with Probs:  ~SN&SE~

 Nannja's Style
 Head:  Meshhead Alice V4.9: CATWA  // Mesh Body: Hourglass, Hands and Feet:  Slink 
Hair: ANZU - golden Blondes: *ARGRACE* // IKON Sovereign Eyes - Forest:  IKON
 Skin:  .::WOW::.  Mimi, Darktan available in 6 Skintones,
 Catwa Head Applier & Omega Applier @ MBA Event 

Outfit & Accessoires
  FABOO.  Belize - native (Bikini):  @ Swank
 Tempel Sandals (epic) choc:  Yasum

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Samstag, 28. Mai 2016

Wir gehörn zusammen

Pose: "I+You" Fullscene whit Probs: *CS*
Flowers:  .:Tm:. Creation GM10 Spring Garden Arragement:  @ Swank

 Nannja's Style
 Head:  Meshhead Alice V4.9: CATWA  // Mesh Body Isis :  Belleza // IKON Sovereign Eyes - Forest:  IKON
 Skin:  .::WOW::.  Mimi, Bronze available in 6 Skintones,
 Catwa Head Applier & Maitreya Applier @ MBA Event
 Hair: Louisa, blonds Pack: Truth // Steking Ears V5:  [Mandala]
 Outfit & Accessoires 
 LUXE Paris NANTUCKET Sundress: @ Swank
 Camelia Platforms whit Colorhud (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza):  Phedora
Jewels:   Leilani Falls Necklace:  Moondance

☆ Caysam's Style☆ 
Mesh Body Deluxe:  TheMeshProject // Head:  Meshhead Justin V4.9: CATWA 
Skin: Marcus, golden: L'Etre // IKON Triumph Eyes - Oak:  IKON
 Hair: Bucket Hat / KAI - Dark Blondes: *ARGRACE*
TMP- Beach shorts: Blue:  [Pumpkin] //  Phoenix Sandals, deluxe with Hud:  ILLI

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Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016


Poses: Pic1 Patience GGift May; Pic2 The Raven Witch: ~SN&SE~

Nannja's Style
Mesh Body Lara: Maitreya // Meshhead Jessica 4.8: CATWA 
Skin:   Maddy Skin,Bronze with Omega Applier , 6 Colors inside  .::WOW::. GGift May
Koffin Nails:    Mesmerizing Marble, Belleza /Maitreya /Slink Nails HUD: Dark Passion

 Outfit & Accessoires
  Moth Queen Gold Crown:  [LAB737]
Pasties: Nippel Bows with Colorhud:  CPN
 Cora Harness (Maitreya,Slink,SL)with Hud:  **RE**
 Yasum Silk Shoulder Drape Indi RARE ; Veil Indi &      Rope Indi:  @ Gacha Carnival
 Shoes: Andromeda Boots whit Colorhud: Phedora

Caysam's Style
AESTHETIC - Advanced Mesh Body - ENZO 1.7: NIRAMYTH
Tattoo:  Aloha Tattoo - AESTHETIC: ::DC::
QueenOfTheDead Shoulder Pads:   DirtyStories 
 Yasum Goa Cap RARE ,Black ; Goa Pants EPIC Black & Goa Bracer,Black:  @ Gacha Carnival

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Montag, 23. Mai 2016

Dance with the Unicorn

Nannja's Style

Mesh Body Deluxe & Mesh Head Moody:  TheMeshProjectHair:   Selina - Diversity Colors:  [enVOGUE]
Skin:  Nr.19 Carmen // Nails: TMP Vivid hot Pink TheSkinShop
Outfit & Accessoires

-Culco- Floral-Print Dress - White@ Swank
 Shoes: Audrey Heels whit Colorhud: Phedora

 !IT! - Laudine Set Earrings & Necklace: @ Swank
 XH Daisy Headbands Fat Pack:  @ Swank

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Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

On the Road again

☆ Caysam's Style☆ 
Body: Male Body 1,3 Hands and Feet:  Slink

Cyrus Mesh Head - Darker Tone 2.1
Skin: Basic Tones V2.0 Slink Applier:  SamuraiHQ

IKON Triumph Eyes - Coffee:  IKON
Mesh Hair: Robbie, brown:  EMO-tions
Tattoo: From Hell Tatto:  ::DC::

☆ Outfit & Accessoires ☆
 Old School Jacket - Black: ::DC::
 Pants: *Fit Mesh*Laced Leathers, Choc: Yasum
Shoes: 2R1whit Hud: 2REAL

Jewels: Rebel morbid Dog Tags :  **RE**

Pic1  ~SN&SE~ Biker  whit Probs @ Garage Fair
Pic2  The Bruardar Series Nr.2: anLar

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Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Biker Chick

Pose: ~SN&SE~ Biker Chick whit Probs @ Garage Fair

Nannja's Style

Meshhead Jessica 4.8 & Hair Princess: CATWA 
Mesh Body Lara: Maitreya // Triumph Eyes - Coffee:  IKON

Skin:  .::WOW::.  Mimi, Bronze available in 6 Skintones,
Catwa Head Applier & Maitreya Applier @ MBA Event

Koffin Nails:  Dark Passion  Sedate me
Belleza /Maitreya /Slink Nails HUD: @ The dark Style 

LAB737 Scythia - Set GACHA:  @ Fantasy Gacha

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Samstag, 14. Mai 2016

My little Garden

Scene: Dolome Designs Planting Time Garden - Set: @ Swank

Nannja's Style

Meshhead Chloe  LOGO  // Body: Physique, Hands and Feet:  Slink
Skin:    Yasmine, tan Omega Applier , (6 Skintones incl):  .::WOW::.
Triumph Eyes - Slate:  IKON

Hair: Selma: CATWA // Hat ARGRACE
Tattoo: Indian Jewel: .::DC::.
Nails:   .::LUNA::. Body Art - Stylish
SLink Hands:  @ Swank

 FitMesh Denim Overalls ~Blue~
 Slink available in 5 Colors:  D.A.

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Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Ready to Go

Nannja's Style

Mesh Head Jessica V4,8 // & Mesh Hair Selena:  Catwa

Mesh Body Lara:  Maitreya // Skin:  .::WOW::.  Mimi, golden' available in 6 Skintones,
Catwa Head Applier & Maitreya Applier @ MBA Event
Koffin Nails:  Night Shade
Belleza /Maitreya /Slink Nails HUD:  Dark Passion
Tribal Ankh Tattoo 3intensities of light to dark: D.A.Style

Outfit & Accessoires > JUMO 

- Indiana Gown is an incredible long dress in printed silk made to celebrate the new season, it comes in five gorgeous colors, Denim, Earth, Fauna, Flora and Nature. You can use - it in 3 different versions, mermaid dress (with the piece of smooth bass), frilly dress, and a short version.

- Indiana Jewelry
It is a beautiful set of gold chains to frame your look.

- Indiana Sandals
It is a leather sandal with paw thin strips match your dress
available @ SWANK

- @swankeventsl

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Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016


 3rd Eye Perceptions presents The Slumbering bear family see @ SWANK Event

I'm so bored

Scene: Cafe'  Volo
[CIRCA] Table & Stool Set
Auto Probs to hold and rezz
via menu when usind Anims

 see  @ SWANK

Nannja's Style

Mesh Head Linda V4,9: Catwa
Mesh Hair Eles:  EMO-tions
Mesh Body Lara:  Maitreya
Skin:  .::WOW::.  Leyla, caffe'
available in 6 Skintones,
Catwa Head Applier &
Maitreya Applier @ Buy now

-Culco- Plunge Neck Skater Dress, Pink @ SWANK
Shoes:  Phedora Sarah Boots - Maitreya: @ Fantasy Gacha
Jewels: Luminesse  Kosazana Lustra ~ Gold Necklace & Earring Set: @ SWANK

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Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

Dark Lady

Nannja's Style

Mesh Head Jessica V4,8 &
Mesh Hair Bree:  Catwa
Mesh Body Lara:  Maitreya
Skin: WOW  Leyla, bronze
available in 6 Skintones,
Catwa Head Applier @ Buy now
Koffin Nails:  Love Scorned Maitreya Applier: Dark Passion

[Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Gown Swank] @ SWANK
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Jong Black Headpiece, Available in 3 Colors:  @ SWANK

Jewels: Phaedra Jewelry Set- Chocolate/Onyx/Gold &
Zuri's Eternal Diamond Wedding Rings:  Zuri Jewelry

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Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

I trust you

Pose: (Gacha) "A Night In" Fullscene whit Probs:  ~SN&SE~
♥ Nannja's Style ♥
Meshhead Jessica V4.8: CATWA  & Mesh Body: Hourglass, Hands and Feet:  Slink
Skin: .::WOW::.  Irina Omega Applier ,tan whit 6 Skintones, 
Slink and Maitreya Applier incl.: @  DesignerCircle
Hair:  Sorbet - Blonds Pack:  /Wasabi Pills/  // IKON Triumph Eyes - Slate:  IKON
Nails:  Flippant - Spring Fling Nail Appliers: @SWANK Event
♥ Outfit & Accessoires
Valerie - Negligee (Floral): Wicked
Shoes: REIGN.- Beary Cozy Slippers with/without Socks and Hud - FP:  Reign
Opal jewellery Set whit Necklace and Bracelets - pink, available in 6 Colors: Petit Chat
♥ Caysam's Style 
 Meshhead Jackson CATWA // Mesh Body Deluxe:  TheMeshProject
             Body Skin: Marcus, golden TMP Installer: L'Etre // Head-skin: Hugh, golden: Skinnery
IKON Triumph Eyes - Oak:  IKON // Steking Ears V4:  [Mandala]
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