Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Ladys likes Latex


Body: Deluxe Body: 
Head: Moody Deluxe: TheMeshProject
Skin: Nr.9 Bijoux: TheSkinShop
Shape:  MyOwn
Mandy Mesh Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/

Latex Bandeau Femi: *CPN*
TE: Teardrop Fatpack is the 1/2 price item 
[IF]Latex Mesh Dress (purple): also 1/2 Price Item at the
Indulgence & Kink Fair

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

role reversal

Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair comes Juni 2015

Here you can see 1st Pic

 Lovers Playground ENCORE-RLV Fireplace-texture change-no chains-touch control texture change and fire. And
ENCORE-Adult- BDSM Leather Throne RLV-100's of animations for single, couples, and 3some. Touch control texture change.
Pose: Zipi Poses: who is the Boss exclusive on: Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair

On the second Pic you can see

Lovers Playground ENCORE-RLV Bondage Bench Red (chains)- This item has  animations for both couples and singles. It is RLV compatible and lockguard. A version is going to be available that uses velvet ropes as well and 
Lovers Playground ENCORE-- RLV Rug Set-(chains)
Touch control texture change and rings can hide by simply saying hide/show in local chat. for discretion.


Body: Deluxe Body: 
Head: Moody Deluxe: TheMeshProject
Skin: Nr.19 Carmen: TheSkinShop
Hair: Greater - LeatherYasyn^
Shape:  MyOwn

Jess Thigh High Boots TheMeshProject Ouch! :  aDiva
!Q.B! Bad Girl black,red and pink
2 styles bodysuit, one with fishnets & one without
Que Bella! Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair & 50% off.
Couple Bracelet M4: **RE**
Watch LB14 wide black:  WSW

Thank you Caysam for modeling<3
Thanks for my Sponsors

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

stag party

LadyX BDSM Regal Manor Living room set 
15% discount at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair

The LadyBDSM Regal Manor Living room set uses the no pose ball system AvSitter2.Champangerglas rez whit Pose and ask to Attach.
3rd person slave sitter, 32 Rug Options C/M,21 Painting Options C/M,
14 Texture Options for Sofa-LoveSeat-Chair & Ottoman
206 High Quality Animations
RNV enabled and XCite Compatible

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

The Virgin at the Well

Impassioned #1

the Dungeon

    LadyX-BDSM Interrogation Cell 

The Interrogation Cell uses the no pose ball system AvSitter2.  To use just sit on either the Cot or the Chair or the Wall. The first sitter is the sub position, second is the Dom position and the third is for a second Dom for threesome poses. 
The set has been RLV enabled from a standing position so the Dom can force sit the sub.XCite Compatible. whit 102 Animations and Toys rez whit pose!