Montag, 12. September 2016

My secret Place

Location: Oceania Island: SL- Heurika
Scene:Lunar Seasonal Designs Menu Driven Spiral Stairs Treehouse. 
The Treehouse comes with a big Color change menue. 
Touch the Hose Walls for a Menue to Change: The Tree Leaves from 51 Options for All Seasons.
Also Change the Texture from 49 Wood Textures 
Each for the Roof, Walls Accents,Railings, Floor and Planks.
Adjust the Windo Color and Transparecny from 11 Options each.
As well as rez little tiny white lights: @ Perfect10 
The Pets:  Chester the Goat: JIAN // Animated Swans: Falcon's Dollarbie Shop 
In the Background: Afton Raft: Trompe Loeil
  On the Raft ☆ 
 Afton Shipping Crate,  Afton Suitcase Stack and Afton Barrel: Trompe Loeil
Closer to the Heart ~ Couple's Cuddle & Kiss Blanket-Purple: @ Perfect10
Bumbershoot - Back Porch Bench with Kitten: @ Perfect10
Dog ~ Countryside Collies :: Companion Pup Blue Merle: JIAN
 ☆ Thanks to my Sponsors

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