Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

Time to let the Dogs out

☆ Nanni's Body Style ☆ 
Head: Bentohead Catya: CATWA // Meshbody & Skin  'Legacy': TMP
Skin: Face 'Freya', Tone 02 available: @ Birth
Lipstick 'Glossy' available: @ Mila 
 Hair: L'Etre & Doux 'Shy' Hairstyle Details available: Dubai Event
☆ Outfit ☆ 
Addams in collaboration with Reign
'Kenadee' Set Details available: @ Addams
'Obsession' Boots Details available: @ Reign

  Accessoires & Decor
My Dog: Rezz Room ~ 'American Bully' adult  Details exclusive: @ Man Cave
The Puppys  Gacha 'American Bully Puppy' Set available: @ Rezz Room
Clothing Rack Details available: @ Dust Bunny
Delilah Chaise Longue Details available: @ Serenity Style
Furniture ~ Vintage lace curtain, white: Soy // Potted Pothos : Soy 
Rug is a Part of the Regal Manor Living Room Set V5.01: LadyX  

Thanks for my Sponsors

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