Montag, 7. Oktober 2019

She's a good Girl in a bad World

☆ Nanni's Body Style ☆ 
  Head: Bentohead 'Babyface' Mocap: Genus // Meshbody 'Legacy': TMP
  Skin: ~ Face 'Vanessa', for Genus Details available: @ Mila
Skin ~ Body, honey chubby TMP-Legacy Details available: @ Mila
Mila ~ 'Butter Brown' Eyes V2 Details available: Mila MP
 'Messy' Eye Lashes for Genus Head: Mila
Shape "Natalja" for Genus: C&N Creations
 Hair: 'Boyfriend' Hairstyle Details available: L'Etre & Doux 
  ☆ Outfit ☆
le fil casse ~ 'Satori' Collection Details exclusive: @ Lootbox
Pose & Background
 Pose:  'Lu kawaii' Bento Poseset curvy fit & mirrors included: @ Wetcat
  The Furniture Details available: @ Zerkalo
 ☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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