Donnerstag, 8. November 2018

Wann kommst du?

☆Nannja's Style☆
  Head: Bentohead Mocap: Genus // Mesh Body ~ Lara: Maitreya
   Skin: 'Celina', new mixedtype ~ Details / Bodyskin mixedtype: DeeTalez
'Night Out' Ey Lashes for Genus Head: MilaMP
MakeUp ~  'Sweet Lipgloss' for Genus Head: Mila
Hair ~  'Adore' Details with Styling & Colorshud: Foxy
  ☆ Outfit ☆
Kenny Rolands ~ Angelina Dress, black exclusive: @ Vanity Event
Carolina Heels ~ available in Light or dark Colors: CandyDoll
Jewelry ~ 'Alexis' Nails & 'Neera' Bracelets and Rings: Realevil
Backgrund & Decor
Zerkalo ~ 'Modern Loft' exclusive: @ 6th Republic
Harter Suit Stand Details available: @ Serenity Style 
☆ Thanks to my Sponsors☆

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