Mittwoch, 12. September 2018

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☆ Hami's & Nanni's Body Style ☆ 
  Heads: Bentohead Catya (left) Ciara (right): CATWA 
  Bodys both Girls ~ Lara: Maitreya  // Human mesh Ears: L'Etre
Eyes both Girls: Triumph Eyes: IKON // Shapes: C&N Creations
Hamidee: Hair ~ 'Elie' with Color & Styling Hud: Truth   
 Skin left ~  'Tea' Tone 'Peach': Insol
 Skin right ~ Revoul  'Malaysia' RE20 Details exclusive: @ Access
Nails left:  Alexis Nails Details with hud: Realevil
Tattoo: Anali available in 4 shades: Letis    
☆ Hami's & Nanni's Outfit ☆
Left ~ Safira  'Camila Dress' Details available: @ Vanity Event
Right ~ Beyond 'Dalia Dress' Details available: @ Vanity Event
Stockings Alizee & Mari's: CPN
☆ Accessoires
Hamidee: Sirmina Bracelet & Morgan Choker:  Realevil
Nanni:  Nanika ~ Arina Necklace Details exclusive: @ The Liaison Collaborative
Revoul ~ Strapped Monogram Bag with Hud: @ Revoul MP
Pose ~ 'Friends' Nr 121  available: @ Purple Poses 
☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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