Samstag, 25. August 2018

Feed the Beast

☆Nannja's Style☆
  Head: Bentohead 'Zoe': Vista  // Mesh Body ~ Lara: Maitreya
  Human mesh Ears: L'Etre // Triumph Eyes, storm: IKON 
Skin:  'Harper', mixedtype ~ Details / Bodyskin mixedtype: DeeTalez
Foxy 'Vegas' Rare Heat wave Gacha exclusive: @ Epiphany
  ☆ Outfit ☆
Scandalize 'Kayla Bodysuit & Fishnet Top' Details available: @ Tres chic
 Nanika Felice Sunglasses: @ Dubai Event
Pose:  'Ready Camera' 4 Poses with Probs: Fashiowl
☆ Background ☆
New Romantic Sailboat, Adult: Beachstore  
Sea Lion colony Details &  Albatross and Puffin Island Details: @ TLC Home Collection 
☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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