Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017

Corners of my Home#3

☆ Scene & Decor ☆
Serenity Style ~ Part of the Jules Fall Collection Gacha Key Jules Cabin Rare
Adalynne Autumn Collection Gacha Key with 1 Rare & 7 Commons
My Puppie Sweet Home also from Serenity Style
Serenity Style ~ Aegeas Poles & Fence: @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style ~ Knot Country Set ~ FP consisting of Knot Country Barn,
 Knot Country Fence & Knot Country Wheel Decor: @ The Liaison Collaborative
TLC ~ Animated Autumn scenery Sunflowers with Birds & Deco: @ Cosmopolitan    Backyard Drive In Truck: Consignment  // Whitehall Pathway: Apple Fall
The Chicken & Cows and the German Sheperd & Cats: JustAnimals 
Sunflowers Bicycle: what next // the Puppys ~ Scruffy Shepherds: Jian 
Automobile Bench: Zerkalo // Farmer Truck blue: Giordano
  ☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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