Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Panda's Grove

 ☆ The Pets ☆
TLC ~ Animated Scenery with Pandas, adult & cub in 3 Variants
including Stone and Mesh Bamboo: @ Cosmopolitan
Siam Cat: Just Animals  // Crane the Lightbringer:  +Half-Deer+ 
 The Kingfisher and Sign: TLC
☆ Scene & Decor ☆
Hokkaido Dojo (Skybox and Groundversion) with  Animated water, Realistic animated Koi Karp, Animated ladder to loft, Animated meditation cusions, Forest sounds 
( In lantern by Maple tree, click on/off ) and  many plants: Rebourn
Wild Cherry Tree Mature, Pink: Heart Gardencenter
Bamboo Palm & Tropical Plants: Studio Skye
Pedestal Lantern - Mossy Granite and Wood:  Botanical // Buddha statue: JOMO
 Cliff Cover Island A 1024: Fanatik Architecture 
Details ~ Neighbour Teahouse ~ AYUMU: Circa Architecure & Landscaping Store
 ☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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