Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

My little Teahouse

☆ Scene & Decor ☆
My wunderful [CIRCA] ~ Pkg AYUMU Teahouse, Brown/Maroon. Available in 10 colour Combinations, you can see it at the Circa Architecure & Landscaping Store with rezz Areas 
The decoration around the teahouse makes the Japanese flair perfect
Wild Cherry Tree Mature, Pink: Heart Gardencenter // Bamboo Palm: Studio Skye
Buddha statue, China Round Lanterns & Cloth stalls: JOMO
Pedestal Lantern - Mossy Granite and Wood & Dragonfly Emitter 1.6:  Botanical
 [Park Place] Floor Seat, Green Lilies with singles/cuddles Animation: @ Swank
  Field of Grass HD-W M1 v1-1a: Hayabusa Design
[GM11] Asian Garden Plants Rocks Arrangement: .:Tm:. Creation
Privet Ball Gift // Whitehall Pathway Set, scripted and unscripted Version: Apple Fall
Old Broken Pathway with Flowers and Light Particel: DD 
☆ The Pets ☆
Siam Cat: Just Animals  // Crane the Lightbringer:  +Half-Deer+
 Wonderful pandas ~ Rideable Panda - RARE: Fawny // Newborn Pandas: [Black Bantam]
  ☆ Thanks to my Sponsors ☆

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