Freitag, 25. November 2016


☆ My own Winterwonderland ☆
 DIVIAs Design ~ Cuddle Campfire - Winter / Christmas with Animations
(NO poseballs, all animations adjustable) &  Christmas Gift 1 guitar player tree stump
with frozen grass and snowcoverrez female or male guitar and choose
between 5 different guitar songs to play: @ Christmas Expo 
 Pine Trees with lights Snowy, Winter Well, Sled with snowmen, Sled with bucket,
 Chipmunks, Deer Lantern Copper, Tree Stumps & Sitting Stump Winter: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Apple Trees & Plane Tree: Hayabusa Design // Garden Tree08 with Lights,  snowy: HPMD
Fallow Deers Gacha & Bunny's: Half Deer // Elderwood Dren's: 3rd Eye
Puff Pups~ Black/white Puff and black sable Puff ~ Gacha: Jian
 ♥ Thanks to my Sponsors ♥

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