Montag, 14. November 2016

My little Chapel

Scene: ~ Winter River Chapel with snow add on: Trompe Loeil 
LPG ENCORE Covered Bridge 
Custom mesh covered bridge with 150 animations for singles and couples, no Pose Balls
Touch control lighting in post and mounted lanterns,  texture change woods for bridge and roof. 
Rezzables include white lights, holiday lights, ivy, garland, snow and icicles.
Fits in every season, snow and ice for winter, holiday lights and garland, or vines for spring/summer or simply the bridge for lower prim Loversplayground Seasonal Item
 Dirt Road - snowy,  Garden Tree08 with Lights - snowy, Shrub - snowy: HPMD
Elegant Tree Platane Plane Tree: Hayabusa Design // 4 Season Scots Pine Full: Sweet Revolutions
Bunny's: Half Deer // 'Wintry' Pembury Bench & Winter Bike: what next
Elderwood Dren's: 3rd Eye // Pitching boat (with rope): TDC
on Midday
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