Samstag, 19. November 2016

lustig,lustig tralala

☆ Scene
The Scandinavian Villa with Colorchange Option inside and outside: LAQ Decor      
☆ Interior decor
  Butterfly Chair & Stomp Table: Warm Animations
CIRCA ~ "Grafica" Autumn Leaves Rug, Ivory & "Grafica" Autumn Leaf Curtains, Ivory:  @ Swank
 "Kris" Shelf Set with Decoration // Pine Tree in pot // Boxes Deer // Candle Tray // Snowman Trio //
Reindeer Deco // Carol Cards Wall's // Noel Cupboard // Deco Board's:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
My Pets: Kitten Scratching Post & Golden Wander Pup: Jian 
Winter Mailbox, Deer Welcome Mat & Sledge: what next
Grimm's Birdhouse ~ Christmas:  :DH: // 
Snow Bunnys: Half Deer // Snowmen Gacha: TDE 
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