Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Summer Hill

☆ Scene
       ~The Fancy Skybox ~ its 100% Mesh and its specifically built for the MainLand 512 sqm Standard size 16x32m:  Warm Animations
☆ Interior decor
Warm Animations Twilight Poltrona Mole // Summer Hill Bedroom 
with Bed, Side Table & Sideboard: @ FaMESHed
[Park Place] Crimson, Black Small Bench // Goth Wrought Iron Mirror Set - Cuddles with Animations // Goth Purple and Black Vase Set // Goth Wrought Iron Chandelabra
Wrought Iron Candle Set // October Night Wall Art: @ Swank
  %Percent - 1930's Deco Jukebox Radio // Pitcher of Tulips available in 5 Colors:  @ Swank
White Elegance Rug: DD //  flottante puppy. ham ~ puppy with Collar:  {anc}

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