Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Simply fancy

 ☆ Scene
  Warm Animations     ~The Fancy Skybox ~ The Skybox
its 100% Mesh and its specifically built for the MainLand 512 sqm Standard size 16x32m: @ LTD Event
☆ Interior decor
  OTB ~ The Outdoor Space Set ~ This set contains Chouch, Chair, Coffee Table, Rug 
and the rustic Antler Light: @ Swank
%Percent - 1930's Deco Jukebox Radio // Pitcher of Tulips available in 5 Colors:  @ Swank
Menu-driven fireplace & garden bench, party - soft vintage citrus // mums, basket & kitty: tms
From [Circa] you see the Juniper Ridge Collection ~Autumn Room Set ~
with plum Bench with 78 Single & 18 Couple Poses.
Sidetable with Decor, Wall Shelf ,Wreath and Picture Ladder (mod. for your own Pictures)
And the Juniper Ridge ~ Sitting Set, plum with Table & Chairs: @ Swank
[Park Place] Tan Swirl Floor Rug & Pillows (adult): @ Swank
 Storyteller's Burrow - Wall Lamp: 8f8 // Fling frame, Fling frame & ivy: [ kunst ] 
The Pets
 Kitten Collection & Kitten Scratching Post //Countryside Collies ~TV Pups: JIAN
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