Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Home sweet Home

Location: Oceania Island: SL- Heurika
Scene: Warm Animations ~Twilight  Sofa  Mole ~ The Sofa its all Mesh,
with 112 animations Female and Male Solo and Couples: @ TLC Event 
Warm Animations ~Twilight Poltrona Mole  ~ with Twilight Aqua Table &
 Armchair its all Mesh with 106 animations Female & Male Solo and Couples: @ The Crossroads
 Ivory Persian Carpet: OTB // Old Case Shelf-Quatro-White: Bazar
Gachas  Storyteller's Burrow ~ Grandfather's Clock,  Knowledge Cart, Study Set,  
Reading Lamp // little lines Lamp: 8f8 // large Frame example:  Rhodan Builds
The Pets: Kitten Collection & Curious Kitties Gacha Garde: JIAN
 flottante puppy. ham ~ puppy with Collar:  {anc}
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