Freitag, 11. September 2015


The Circle of Live

Bodys and Heads: TheMeshProject
Skins: Nannja - Pink Acid  TMP Installer Princess Of Ehiopia Skin - Mocho Choco:  Pink Acid
Caysam:  Nr.27 Ives:  TheSkinShop
Tattos: Nannja -  Whiplash  - MeshBody Installer:  [White~Widow]

The Mask:  Magic Deer Mesh Mask whit Hud;  *CPN* NEW
Nannja's Jewelery:  Owned Necklace,gold:  Dita Couture
CEEKEEEY Earrings/Gold ; Takara Bangle Animal Fur Set  [MANDALA]

Poses: Pic1 Smell like Flowers / Pic2 "Roar" whit Fullscene & Probs includet:  COME SOON

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