Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

The Sinner

Theatre Of Tragedy - On Whom The Moon Doth Shine


Body: Deluxe Body: &
Head: Moody Deluxe:  TheMeshProject
Skin:[theSkinnery] TMP Body Installer (toffee)
Runa (Universal Meshead) (toffee) TMP whit 28 Lipcolors:  [theSkinnery]
Lipstick: Runa Lipstick:  [theSkinnery]
Eyeshadow:Dark EyeShadow TMP:  *CNZ*
Hair:Alma hair-Basic set:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] 
Shape: My Own


.::Supernatural::. Helena corset and panties: Exclusiv at  Indulgence BDSM and Kink Fair
  Like a Nun Collar BRONZE:  ...::: Scrub :::...
 Lei TheMeshProject Bare Feet Sandal: aDiva
Rubber Cuffs v4.3 whit poses, animations (RLV):  MD 
 Garter Love whit Colorhud:   *MUKA*   
 Curl Horns / Grey Seam:  .ARISE.
 Skull Madness Headband:  [LF]
 Headband "Bloody Queen" - whit Color HUD:  Cain 

And Now the Highlight
Lovers Playground ENCORE-RLV Bondage Suspension Canopy (chains)
This item has 100's of animations for both couples and singles. It is RLV compatible and lockguard. A version is going to be available that uses velvet ropes as well. 

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