Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

At the wrong place at the wrong time

Massiv-Wenn der Mond in mein Ghetto kracht


Body: Deluxe Body:  TheMeshProject
Head: Moody Deluxe: TheMeshProject
Skin: Nr. 19 Carmen:TheSkinShop
Hair:  Greater - Fabrics Pack: Yasyn
Nails: All Hallow's Lady - For TMP NH~GD~
Outfit:  Vanity Jacket:   D-Style 
 Holes Leatherpants Jenny:  *CPN*
Accessoires:Queen Bitch Pasties :Kinky Designs
Piercing:Against the Stream [Ink]: Hebenon Vial 
 Aviator Glasses: Arduenn Schwartzman
Shoes: High Heels Francesca:  [Mundos] 

                                                  Shoes Only at Gangsta Fair !

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